This site is an on-going process documenting the creating process of a wide range of professional and amateur creators. From visual artists, to musicians, to fiber artist, to models, to anyone that makes something where there wasn't something there before. I'm always looking for more participants, and am happy to talk with anyone that's interested.

What happens if we agree to share your process.

After an email or phone conversation to make sure that we're on the same page and interested in working together, we'll meet for coffee or a drink so I can learn more about you and how you work, and so I can determine the best way to share your process with others.

The next step is for me to visit you in the space you use to create. I'll take photographs/video of you and of your space, the tools you use to create, and any works in progress you feel comfortable sharing. I'll also be asking you some questions to learn more about what you do and why you do it. I'll finish by taking some photographs of a final product, of a performance, or anything that shows a completed piece of your work. Then I go back and turn all of the material I gathered into a story, all told in your words. 

Interested in participating, email me at

Why participate?

The main reason for participation is a desire to share your process with others in a collaborative spirit for overall learning and growth. I believe that by sharing how we do what we do, we all can become better creators. I'm happy to provide you with copies of the photographs, audio, and/or video used in your story that you are welcome to use for your promotional purposes, with the understanding that I can also use those materials in promotion of the site and my work.

I like to encourage and inspire people to create, to share their work with others, and to show that creativity isn't a talent born to a lucky few. I'm looking to showcase others who feel the same way.