I like to tell stories. These stories celebrate the process of creating, not just the final piece that’s made.

I don't like the phrase, "I'm just not that creative." Too many people see art and creativity as a talent, something that a lucky few are born with for everyone else to envy. I see creativity as a muscle, something with which we are all born and with regular use and exercise becomes stronger and more comfortable to use. I want to show that everyone can be creative and make the art they want to make, they just have to work at it on a regular basis.

The Creating Process is my attempt to document how and why people create, to profile those who work day after day on their craft in an effort to improve and make better work, and the passion and commitment it takes to create good work. These stories are told in the creators' own words, and are meant to provide a sneak peak into their process, their tools, and the space they use to create.

These stories are about the space between the initial idea and the final product; the day to day process that most people never get to see.

The creators profiled on this site range from professionals who make their living from their work to those who create for the sake of creating. Their stories are told in their own words over a series of interviews and demonstrations in an attempt to document their process.

The word creator is used instead of artist as a way to broaden the scope of the potential participants of the project. The word art tends to have a different meaning from one person to the next, while a creator can be defined as anyone who makes something where there wasn't something there before.

If you're interested in being featured, or know someone who may be interested, contact me at g@gxuimages.com or learn more about how to participate.


This is me. I am Guillermo, X Ubilla, a freelance designer and photographer living and working in Charlottesville Virginia. I am always interested in talking with other creators and artists; email is the best way to reach me at g@gxuimages.com